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Banking And Comic Books

By David Rehem on September 5th, 2007

Learn all about banking through a unique comic book aimed at helping the common person understand banking basics. This crazy idea has been launched by the Reserver Bank of India (RBI).

The comic book is well illustrated and colorfully designed. It promotes a tale o9f a protagonist Raju and how the bank keeps money safe, give interest and issue out loans.

Reserve Bank of India director of Delhi Kahn said “Five more comic books are in the pipeline. Three of these are on basic banking, one for rural poor, another for urban poor and thrid based on eletronic based no-frills account. The fourth one is on currency and the fifth on the RBI as a monetary authority. We are also planning comic books on banking services for specific target groups such as women, defence personnel, senior citizens.”

This article was written by Satyen Mohapatra. Read the entire article on the Hindustan Times website

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