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December 06, 2007

“My Back Against The Wall” By Renee Atkins

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audio-book-dec06.jpgRenee Atkins prepares for the premier launch as the first female writer in history to create and publish an audio book titled “My Back Against The Wall” working in the music industry. This audio book is devoted to career seeking woman or working behind the scene in the music industry. The audio book is full of enthusiasm and energy. When Renee was asked, what inspired her to create “Blue Print”, she said “The entertainment industry is rapidly expanding creating unlimited opportunities, and new-found cross promotions while providing an opportunity for inspiring entrepreneurs to launch new business concepts and/or pursue a career within the industry. As we rise to the occasion to meet the demands and challenges from a male dominating field we as women will experience our backs against the wall everyday with our jobs, relationships, family and friends. It is my greatest endeavor to encourage, enhance, enlighten and touch the lives of others with this inspirational audio book.”

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