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A Story of C. Ben Bosah Lived in Nigeria

By David Rehem on November 14th, 2007

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audio-books-nov14.jpgC. Ben Bosah, an environmental engineer lives in central Ohio. According to Mr. Bosah a true life book about women’s health written by his wife was a just superb. So he came to a decision that he will himself publish the book and enjoy all the profit. The 44-year-old Mr. Bosah, born and college-educated in Nigeria and arrived in the U.S. in 1987. he says that editing, publishing and shipping the book has consumed at least 2,500 hours of his time. “I’m a tough-minded optimist,” he says. Mr. Bosah had no relation with the publishing world but all he had was his strength of mind and hard work, unfortunately it did not work and he made a series of mistakes.


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