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Award Winning Love Story by Greg M. Sarwa

By David Rehem on November 12th, 2007

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“If only I could…” a late-in-life love story by author Greg M. Sarwa has been named as an Award-Wining Finalist in the Fiction and Literature: this is romance category of the National Best Books 2007. Before this Award, Sarwa won a finalist status and a Bronze Medal for “The Cattle” in 2005 ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Competition. The author of this story wants to tell readers that real love has an eternal quality that surpasses even death. He also gives readers hope that it is never too late to redeem our mistakes by giving love another chance. This novel is very well written, its dialogs are so real. “If only I could…” is a story of two mature lovers who try to recapture their lost romance, it’s a very good story, well placed, well worth reading, lovely, heartfelt tale of life-long love and second chances.


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