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“My Back Against The Wall” By Renee Atkins

By David Rehem on December 6th, 2007

audio-book-dec06.jpgRenee Atkins prepares for the premier launch as the first female writer in history to create and publish an audio book titled “My Back Against The Wall” working in the music industry. This audio book is devoted to career seeking woman or working behind the scene in the music industry. The audio book is full of enthusiasm and energy. When Renee was asked, what inspired her to create “Blue Print”, she said “The entertainment industry is rapidly expanding creating unlimited opportunities, and new-found cross promotions while providing an opportunity for inspiring entrepreneurs to launch new business concepts and/or pursue a career within the industry. As we rise to the occasion to meet the demands and challenges from a male dominating field we as women will experience our backs against the wall everyday with our jobs, relationships, family and friends. It is my greatest endeavor to encourage, enhance, enlighten and touch the lives of others with this inspirational audio book.”


Gertrude Chandler Warner Created “The Alden Family Mysteries”

By David Rehem on December 5th, 2007

audio-books-dec05.jpgGertrude Chandler Warner has written The Alden Family Mysteries, Madam Warner was a school teacher. She always used to look for fun and easy to read books for her students, but she could not find any children books which meet her specifications, so she made a decision to write a book all by herself. Her first chapter book “The Boxcar Children” earned a great success. The Alden Family Mysteries is a beautiful story of four children and their name are Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny. In the story they all are very brave, energetic and independent children. Young readers are mad about this book, Ms. Warner wrote the first nineteen early reader chapter books in the Boxcar Children Mystery book series and after her death, different writers have contributed books to The Alden Family Mysteries series. The books have less than two hundred pages contained few sketches for the children to use as visual clues. And as Gertrude Chandler Warner wanted, the books are fun and easy to read.


New Store Opened by Books-A-Million

By David Rehem on December 3rd, 2007

audio-books-dec03.jpgBooks-A-Million has announced the opening of a 15,500-square-foot store in Kingsport, Tennessee. Its other tri-city locations are Bristol at 16700 Highlands Center Boulevard and Johnson City at 2116 North Roan Street. Books-A-Million presents Kingsport residents a very nice selection of books, magazines, collectibles, gifts and much more. The store stocks containing magazines and newspapers, including a number of amazing collections of domain specific books. This store also contains Bibles, Christian Living and Christian Fiction books, here you can see a Kids-A-Million department with many books, learning resources, toys and games recreated to attract children, parents, teachers, hobbits and librarians. Books-A-Million presents a Millionaire’s Club where members save 40% off hardback and paperback bestsellers, 20% off of hundreds of items throughout the store, and 10% off everything, everyday. The members can also get the benefits of Wi-Fi available across various all outlets.


Shop Online This Festival Season And Gift Books At Reasonable Prices

By David Rehem on November 30th, 2007

audio-books-nov301.jpgNow you do not have to go out to buy gifts because online bookstore at Virtual Word Publishing offers you excellent books at very low prices. Here you can find from fiction thrillers books to books on how to start a business; you just name the book and it will be in your hands at affordable prices. At Virtual Word Publishing you can easily find children’s books, matching coloring books and paint by number books, science fiction thrillers, business books, delightful children’s books like Zip, Burp and Hula, fiction thriller Sledgehammer and many more. If you are a book lover then this is the perfect place for you. You can also find Christian and inspirational books, books on marketing and sales, disaster recovery books, cookbooks and e-books but do you know the specialty about this online bookstore? When you purchase a book, not only the book is provided you also get a gift along with the book like the children’s book, Zip, Burp and Hula comes with a matching coloring book and paint by number book, Virtual Assistant the Series comes with a workbook.


Success Story of Scott Poulson Bryant

By David Rehem on November 29th, 2007

audio-books-nov29.jpgScott Poulson Bryant left Brown in 1990 before completing his bachelor’s degree, after ying all the dues at an entry-level job at the Village Voice, Spin hired him, Polson worked as the first black staff writer at a major music magazine. In the year 1992, music impresario Quincy Jones offered him about an up-and-coming urban magazine, at a very young age Poulson-Bryant became one of the founding editors of the magazine and renamed the publication VIBE, he also worked for the hip-hop magazine America.
At the same time of working he managed to publish two books, including the critically-acclaimed “Hung: A Meditation on the Measure of Black Men in America”, at the time of tour for “Hung” Poulson got an idea of returning to school. He went to many universities for publicity, including Duke University, Howard University and the University of Southern California. Poulson said “I was back in a college environment and I was really enjoying speaking to students about writing and about culture. I thought, ‘You know, I feel like I could do this. Maybe I could be a professor after 16 years as a journalist.”


Sharjah World Book Fair Welcomes American publishing houses

By David Rehem on November 28th, 2007

audio-books-nov28.jpgFor the very first time now Sharjah World Book Fair is going to become a part of American publishing houses. Leading publishing houses from over 39 countries from Arab world and from Europe, Asia, and America will participate at the international book fair at Sharjah Expo Centre. Abdullah Al Owais, Director General of Sharjah Department of Culture said “This year, for the first time, the United Sates of America will participate in Sharjah’s Book Fair and will provide visitors with a wide variety of books.” In excess of 119 publishing house from different countries of the world will present books on various subjects and categories such as electronics, Islam and children’s books. More than a few sections of the Sharjah Expo Centre will be dedicated Arabic and English books, and a number of other language books.


Gracy Little stole thousands of bestsellers

By David Rehem on November 26th, 2007

Fourty Four years old Gary Little stole thousands of bestsellers from publishers HarperCollins while working as a forklift truck driver at their stockroom near Glasgow. This man was one of the reliable employees; he sold the haul, some of it valuable limited editions, online to buyers all over UK at throw away prices. Police did investigation at Little’s flat in Pollokshields, Glasgow, after a probe at the giant warehouse which employs 500 people. You will be surprised to know that Little sold deluxe edition of The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien, the retail price for this book is £100 but Little sold it online for £30. Little’s business got shattered in the year 2005.


Royal National Institute for the Blind’s

By David Rehem on November 26th, 2007

audio-books-nov26.jpgAccording to Royal National Institute for the Blind’s (RNIB) around 75,000 people in the region risk exclusion from the National Year of Reading 2008, because they can’t read 96 per cent of books only available in standard print. Susan Khan, service manager for Sight Service, said “We support the RNIB on this; people without any sight rely on audio books, which also don’t come out at the same time.” Julianne Marriott, RNIB campaigner, said: “RNIB believes that people with sight problems have the right to read the same book, at the same time, at the same price as everyone else, we need the Government and publishers to work together to end this book famine.”


Selling Books On EBay

By David Rehem on November 21st, 2007

audio-books-nov21.jpgWhen a Book sellers with own Web sites accumulate some business through Google searches and links on listing services, generally there are two types of online book selling; the listing services and the auction format. Several years ago many buyers purchase through one venue without examining the other. There are some book buyers who only purchase through listing services without venturing into eBay. The advantage for book dealers who do business on eBay is there books are sold like hot cakes, eBay selling is a spontaneous and unexpected market. Marty Manley ,the CEO of the Alibris book listing service said “Buying and selling on eBay is entertaining, which is why eBay has customer frequency and dwell times that are the envy of all e-commerce sites.”


Electronic Version of Books on Your Cell Phone

By David Rehem on November 20th, 2007

audio-books-nov20.jpgHoughton Mifflin is planning to extinguish an electronic version of chef Jacques Pepin’s book that can be read on a cell phone. Mobile phones are no more a luxury it has become basic necessity now, we can take photos, shoot video, receive and send e-mail, and search the Internet. But it is getting more advance by adding another feature: the capability of displaying electronic versions of books. Claire Israel, director of digital content at Simon and Schuster said “We’re really aiming to be agnostic and ubiquitous, in terms of format, we’re just trying to push this content out there. I’m very comfortable with letting the consumer make the choice.”


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