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Success Story of Scott Poulson Bryant

By David Rehem on November 29th, 2007

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audio-books-nov29.jpgScott Poulson Bryant left Brown in 1990 before completing his bachelor’s degree, after ying all the dues at an entry-level job at the Village Voice, Spin hired him, Polson worked as the first black staff writer at a major music magazine. In the year 1992, music impresario Quincy Jones offered him about an up-and-coming urban magazine, at a very young age Poulson-Bryant became one of the founding editors of the magazine and renamed the publication VIBE, he also worked for the hip-hop magazine America.
At the same time of working he managed to publish two books, including the critically-acclaimed “Hung: A Meditation on the Measure of Black Men in America”, at the time of tour for “Hung” Poulson got an idea of returning to school. He went to many universities for publicity, including Duke University, Howard University and the University of Southern California. Poulson said “I was back in a college environment and I was really enjoying speaking to students about writing and about culture. I thought, ‘You know, I feel like I could do this. Maybe I could be a professor after 16 years as a journalist.”


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